Vampires Gone Wild Anthology – a Book Review

Vampires Gone Wild

Four stories from some great fantasy authors

Vampires Gone Wild is a fun collection of short stories from well known fantasy authors Kerryln Sparks (Vampire Mine and Wild About You) and Pamela Palmer (The Feral Warriors Series). For fun, they decided to ask along two newcomers to the paranormal field. So we have two additional vampire romances from Amanda Arista (Nine Lives of an Urban Panther) and Kim Falconer (The Quantum Encryption Series). It all adds up to four great paranormal romances pulled from the minds of some of the best fantasy romance writers of the genre.

Big Stories in Short Bites

In V for Vampwoman Sparks tells the tale of the confirmed bachelor who meets his match. If you know Sparks books, you know to be ready for some great humour amongst the paranormal romance. Great fun and of course a great HEA ending that suits it perfectly.

Palmer’s A Forever Love is a very different story. It was bittersweet and yet somehow still with a happy ending of a sort.  When the Lady Elizabeth finds out her one and only true love is not what he seems, it feels as if her world is shattered. It is how she comes to navigate the reality of just what and who he is that make this an outstanding, but fast-paced paranormal romance.

First Dates Are Hell is a short page ripped from Amanda’s The Wanderers series. Here we meet up with Valiance on a very decidedly domestic day. Even the most dedicated swordsman needs to take care of basic needs sometimes. And sometimes, the most ordinary of errands leads to the most romantic of discoveries.

In Kim’s story Blood and Water, the depths a love will take when two very different species fall in love was fascinating. Can an ordinary human learn to adapt to a mer-person’s world? A really well thought out mythology in a short amount of space.

A Short but Sweet Visit

Obviously, these are short stories telling romance tales from longer on-going series. But the little venture into these worlds are a great way to introduce yourself to new authors, visit familiar ones and even get a chance to spend some time with favorite characters from authors we have come to enjoy.

You can grab your own copy of Vampires Gone Wild in either the quick to download Kindle version or order it in paperback.

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