Vampire Diaries Season 3, Ep 1: The Birthday

Vampire Diaries Season_Season 3_Ep 1_The BirthdayElena is turning eighteen as her search for Stefan continues. Remember, last season ended with Damon having a werewolf bite but Stefan gave himself to Klaus (the vampire/werewold hybrid) in order to save his brother. Klaus thinks he killed Elena, the doppelganger, so Damon wants to keep her hidden and safe. Now, season three opens with Klaus stopping at a house where two young women live, looking for Ray Sutton, a werewolf. Once they get the info they need, Stefan proceeds to rip their throats out. Klaus is pleased at how well his new protégé kills.

Damon is sitting in the tub, wanting more champagne while his reporter girlfriend tells him to get it himself. So, he walks naked to find more champagne and then Elena comes in so Damon greets her naked, covered in bubbles. She throws him a cover and tells him about an animal attack in Memphis, that it could be Stephen and Klaus.

Caroline and Tyler are helping Elena prepare for her party. Tyler is bringing a date to the birthday party and Caroline hassles him about it to which he replies “I am horny all the time now”. She’s like “tell me about it, I feel like I’m going to explode” and Tyler is quite intrigued. But, Caroline sends him on his way.

Elena feels that Stefan is still alive and she will find him. She is tracking “animal attacks” in the hope of locating Stefan. Alaric joins Damon to go visit the latest lead and they find the two murdered girls, sitting on a sofa. Damon knows its Stefan because he used to be called the Ripper – he rips the bodies apart and then, in a fit of remorse, he puts them back together again like they are still alive. Damon proceeds to burn down the house and cover their tracks.

Klaus finds Ray in a bar and he wants him to sell out his pack but Ray is absolutely steadfast in keeping his pack’s location hidden but that’s no problem because Stefan brought wolfsbane. They proceed to torture him for several hours. Klaus is pissed that Damon keeps trailing them so Stefan says he’ll take care of it. Stefan kills Damon’s girlfriend, Andi, and he tells him to back off and quit tracking them.

Damon watches Elena try on her birthday dress and he gives her the gift of her missing necklace. There’s a lot of emotion there between these two as he puts the necklace on her. He’s trying to be cavalier but you can tell he genuinely cares about her.

Elena goes down to her birthday party and it’s much larger than Caroline promised – there must be over a hundred people there – but Elena tries to immerse herself in the festivities. Jeremy and Matt are in a side room smoking some weed and Jeremy tells him that ever since he died and Bonnie used magic to bring him back, he’s been seeing ghosts. Matt hears Jeremy say Vickie and he wants to know what’s going on – is Jeremy seeing his dead sister?

Caroline and Tyler have a confrontation over him dating and he tells her that he’s just waiting for a signal from her which she gives by giving him a big kiss on the mouth. Then they go off to have wild vampire/werewolf sex.

Elena found Damon’s hidden closet of Klaus articles and she is angry that he’s been keeping this from her. She confronts him and he tells her they weren’t Klaus’ victims, they are Stefan’s victims and she’s got to realize that Stefan is gone and he’s not coming back. He’s in real pain from the death of Andi.

Stefan leaves the bar to go stand out in the parking lot, looking sick and lost. He slowly pulls out his phone and dials a number. When Elena picks it up, Stefan doesn’t say anything but she knows it’s him. She tells him that it will be okay and to hold onto the fact that she loves him. Stefan is shown standing alone in the parking lot with a look of utter desolation on his face.

This episode ends with Caroline sneaking out of Tyler’s room after their night of intense sex and she’s met by his mother. Caroline looks shamefaced and she tries to sneak out, grabbing her purse which burns her hand. This is what Mrs. Lockwood was looking for and she darts her in the back. It ends with Caroline passed out on the floor…it looks like the game might be up for Caroline.

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  1. Kristi Elsey on said:

    I used to love reading Anne Rice Vampire novels
    They were really great.

  2. You keep it up now, unatnsedrd? Really good to know.

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