Vampire Book Review: The Bite that Binds by Suzanne Wright


vampire book review, The Bite that Binds by Suzanne Wright

The further adventures of Sam and Jared.

The Bite that Binds by Suzanne Wright

In The Bite that Binds, the Binding Ceremony will bring vampires Jared and Sam even closer together. It is a commitment they are both looking forward to. But during the week leading up to the ceremony Sam begins to have visions, ones she cannot explain of a woman reaching out to her. With the decision to try and find out why she is having these visions and follow them, Sam puts herself in danger.

This just sends Jared’s already overactive protectiveness into overdrive. There are few things as dangerous as a very alpha vampire protecting his love. But while Sam is not exactly the damsel in distress type, her usual kick butts now ask questions later style seems to be much more limited lately. Can it be a product of the dreams or is it something more?

The first book of this series, Here Be Sexist Vampire (who can resist that title?) gave us the development of the romance between Jared and Samantha Parker. You would think with the ultimate question of whether they would finally recognize this passion resolved the story would be ended. But The Bite that Binds takes our two vampire lovers on a new and even more important quest. It also shows Suzanne Wright’s readers just how well she can build on a set of characters. This time around we grow with the two and find out more about their world. They grow as well, as their love deepens.

While Jared doesn’t lose his cocky ways or Sam her take no prisoners attitude, they mature in many ways here. What is more, we get to be a part of that growth. The very things that made these two such delights in Here Be Sexiest Vampire remain important in The Bite that Binds.

You can dig deep into your own copy of The Bite that Binds when you download the Kindle version or order online the delivery of the paperback today.

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