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The word is out on several fronts regarding the latest in Twilight news with a new clip that shows off the ever more romantic side to Twilight from the soon to be released Twilight- Breaking Dawn Part 2 film. The clip, just spun out on Youtube shows our couple viewing their fairytale perfect home, and a quiet interlude in what is sure to be a bloody and action-filled finale to the series.

“This is our room“, says Edward as he stands protectively and gestures. “Vampires don`t sleep” responds newly-made vampire/human Bella.

Man, she was always the practical one! For a look at the latest Twilight news and a bit of romance from the new film, check out the film clip below:

Meanwhile, author Stephanie Meyer was at a press conference recently for the final film and there was plenty of gossip going around. When asked to comment on the possibility of more Twilight books in the future, she didn`t say yes but she also didn`t say no.

She admitted that she has a story in her head, one that involves Jake and Renesmee. It seems that Jake is imprinted to be a future mate of the kid of Edward and Bella, and that kinda feels icky to me seeing as how Jake had the hots for Mom last movie. But I guess if you can`t have Bella, just wait around for Renesmee to get older and see where that goes!

It seems that one reason for her shyness may be that Meyer admits that now that the second film is done, she may have a hard time writing the characters as anyone other than the actors who have now portrayed them.

“It’s hard right now because I had just been asked if the actors had gotten into my head as the characters. And, while I was writing Breaking Dawn, they hadn’t because I had written a rough draft of that so much earlier, long before they were cast. But now, they are in my head when I work on the stories, and it’s hard for me to disassociate. And that does feel like it’s a little corrupted.”

Well I don`t know about anyone else, but that sounds to me like an author looking for a good reason not to write more right now. After all, she does have that other film to think about based on her latest non-Twi book, The Host. Or maybe she is just waiting for the dust to settle before sitting down to that typewriter quite yet. After all, when asked for an update on the latest Twilight news she did say:

“I wouldn’t say no absolutely,” she said, “I’m not going to do it today, but I don’t know how I’m going to feel in five years.

That sounds like a maybe to me. What do you guys think?

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