The Dark Heroine: Dinner with a Vampire by Abigail Gibbs Book Review


Dinner with a Vampire by Abigail Gibbs

The wattpad sensation now available as a book.


The Dark Heroine: Dinner with a Vampire by Abigail Gibbs

Kidnappings, murders and intrigue, and that is just in the first chapter! Bella and Edward move over, because there is a new couple in vampire romance and they are gonna leave your romance in the dust! I first heard of Dinner with a Vampire by Abigail Gibbs on wattpad and then some friends on Facebook turned me on to more. Now it is finally out in a downloadable version for my Kindle and the end result is even better than I thought it could be.

Abducted while witness to a brutal murder; Violet soon finds herself falling in love with Kaspar, the dark and dangerous son in a princely family of vampires. But she also soon finds out that she may be part of an ancient prophecy. Can she be the one to finally end the bloody battles between humans and vampires? Even if she is, how does that compare to the dark secrets that Kaspar holds, secrets that could destroy everything around them?

A Dark Romance

Warning to the faint of heart, there is a dark side to this story. There is some real brutality shown at times. Violet and Kaspar are lovers in the true fashion of vampire romantic fantasies. Although I do believe that Kaspar, for all his dark prince ways, is a very romantic character it was how Violet is handled that makes this a very modern story. When you add in that author Abigail started writing this story when she was only 15 years old, well that just adds to the intrigue of the vampire romance.

The Dark Heroine is the series, and with the publication of Dinner with a Vampire we finally get a more polished complete version of Abigail Gibbs now almost legendary online gothic romance. If you love sexy vamps, strong willed women and sizzling romance, this is just the thing. Dig in, keep up with the fast pace and get ready to find yourself choosing sides in this dark gothic vampire romance.

Of course, it makes sense that you can download a kindle version, but there is also a paperback version for those who still love the old fashion feel of a paper book in their hands.

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