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Here are some of the offerings in the vampire genre for the month of January 2013. Enjoy!

Contingency by Peggy MartinezContingency by Peggy Martinez
Eighteen-year-old Sage Hannigan wants to get back to her own time, preferably one that hasn’t been destroyed by an underworld plot brewing in Edwardian-era South Carolina. How hard can it be? All she has to do to accomplish this; learn to use newly acquired warping skills to bend time to her will, take out a few rogue vampires, join an ancient secret society, figure out who is putting the time stream in jeopardy, and find and maim whoever invented the corset. Sage never asked to be chosen by the Druid Priestess, Amerach, to become a Warper. She also never asked to have the future hanging on her shoulders or to warp a hundred years into the past. She certainly never asked to meet Dr. Aldwin Blake, who would make her question her desire to get back to her own time. But if she fails her mission, people will die, history will change, and the present she wishes to return to will be no more.

Blood and Light by Rue VolleyBlood and Light by Rue Volley
Enter into the world of 16 year-old Rue Volley…who, up until one fateful night, thought she was “normal” or as “normal” as she could be.
But “normal” does not include being a vampire…a truth about herself that she will soon discover.

Rue Volley lives in the quiet little town of Calvary, Minnesota…nestled in the thick woods lining the Great Lakes. Rue, along with her
brother Kai, have lived an otherwise calm life up until their Mother was committed into Rolling River Asylum after she mysteriously stopped
speaking to anyone. Rue is convinced by her brother to attend a party on her birthday, and after she experiences something that she cannot
explain, she and everyone in her world is thrown into madness. Join Rue on this epic journey, 6 books in all, as she struggles with grief,
love, humor, old crushes, newfound infatuations, hot boys, AND vampires, lots and lots of them.

Love Calling by Joshua Grover-David PattersonLove Calling by Joshua Grover-David Patterson
Lucy Leary’s eighteen year old life is a wreck. Her parents divorced, she’s earned a DUI, and her grandfather has died. He left her a single possession: A vampire slaying kit with a note that says, “They’re real. Fight them.”

Lucy finds answers in a place she never expected–the homeless shelter where she has to perform her community service. The Sundown Shelter is only open at night, and the man who runs it disappears during the day. But digging into the truth is dangerous. What Lucy learns will force her to abandon her life and confront an ancient vampire out to get her family.

The Vampire Within - New Blood by Drew SilverThe Vampire Within – New Blood by Drew Silver
Welcome to Triton City, California, world-renowned for its quality of life, growing economy, and prestigious university. Here one can find an easygoing commute to work, parents can feel secure with their children playing outside during the day, and there are no beggars on the street corners harassing hardworking citizens to spare a dollar or two. In fact, there aren’t any homeless to be seen for miles…any homeless who are alive anyway.

Now the city that prided itself on beauty, strength, and power is at the epicenter of a twisted genetics game between two doctors battling to play God, and a group of college students has discovered they are the game’s unwilling pawns. They must learn to rely on each other to defeat not only the evil hunting them, but also the vampire within, always itching to reveal itself and test the boundaries of their souls.

Piece of Me by Lexi MonroePiece of Me by Lexi Monroe
As if making her laptop sales quota for the month wasn’t a pain in the ass all by itself, now twenty-six year old Wynter McBride suddenly finds a whole host of problems from out of a bad b-movie fantasy flick.

Vampires running fortune 500 companies, Werewolves with a biting wit, and well dressed Witches with an attitude are now part of Wynter’s everyday life.

Wynter must figure out why the pesky and somewhat perverted little Will O Wisps somehow hold the key to saving the planet.

Snow Bound by Elizabeth KirkSnow Bound by Elizabeth Kirk
After learning how to use magic and fighting vampires, anyone would be bored going back to normal college life. As if that wasn’t enough, Jen didn’t realize how hard it would be to tiptoe around her non-magic family and friends. She can’t even talk to her familiar, Rak, without making sure no one else is around! Worst of all, Jen misses the friends she made over the summer. Aside from Rak, they’re the only other magics she knows and she hasn’t seen them in almost five months!

Jen is all too happy to accept an invitation to go skiing with the gang. She gears up for two weeks of snow, magic, and fun. Just when everything seems to be going great, an uninvited guest turns up. Soon the skiers aren’t the only things going downhill. Jen thought that vampires were just about the most dangerous thing the magical world could throw at her. Unfortunately, she’s about to learn that people with no magic at all can be just as deadly …

new vampire books, deep dark secret by sierra deanDeep Dark Secret is part of a new vampire books series for those who love a good dark story. She is a bounty hunter who hunts very different bounty – she hunts vampires, werewolves and other dark denizens of the night. That alone should set Secret McQueen apart, but in addition she is part of those she hunts, for Secret is half-werewolf and half-vampire. This either makes her uniquely suited to do what she does best or a traitor to her own kind. It is up to you to decide what she is.

Secret only hunts those that have crossed the boundary in society and have gone from being a little known scary part of your worst nightmare to being an actual menace to those around them. When that happens, she is asked to hunt them down, and she does it well. You would think then that she had seen it all, had become a jaded hunter. But Secret never loses touch with her own humanity.

When the queen of the were-ocelots comes to her about a missing girl it opens up a whole new series of questions, for both Secret and the readers. Having just been made Tribunal Leader (see previous books for details) and mate to the King of the Eastern Werewolves, you would think that Secret has enough on her plate already. But when Secret also begins to manifest new and unknown abilities, things really begin to heat up.

For when old and unknown memories begin rushing to the forefront of her mind – they may just be the one thing threatening enough to scare her. They portend a change for Secret, and it is one she is not so sure she is willing to take. The trouble is she may not have a choice.

If you have never read Sierra Dean’s new vampire books, the Secret McQueen series, this is your chance to get a taste of a very different vampire series. The author is a bit of a history nut, and her love of how the movements in history affect the roles of even the most common people really come in handy in a series that has thousand year old characters. If you love Anita Blake you will really come to adore Secret McQueen, a new kick-ass vampire hunter in the best new tradition of women vampire hunters.

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This is a very cool series that has vampires, ancient gods and a druid that just can’t seem to keep himself out of trouble! The wit in it is charming, the action is awesome and the whole concept is very addictive. The basic idea is that the various gods, no matter what religion we are talking about, exist. The ones that people are actively worshiping are more powerful, but even those that have been largely forgotten are still around, often simply because we still read stories and myths that have them as main characters.

The Iron Chronicles by Kevin Hearne

In the series we meet Atticus O’Sullivan, an ancient Druid who is now living in Arizona and continuing to survive by keeping his head down and avoiding conflict. Well, sort of. The trouble is he is a Druid of his word, so when he promises something, like the apple from the Tree of Life in Asgard, he tends to go through with it. So even if he really wants to just live a quiet life away from all the heroic happenings amongst the gods, he can’t seem to avoid it. And that, of course, is where the fun begins. And it usually involves his lawyer and good friend, Leif Helgarson, who just happens to be a Viking Vampire. Well, you were probably wondering where the vampires came into the story- this is a good example of how an unexpected vampire can turn a perfectly nice day into one filled with murder and mayhem. Here are the three in the series so far, with the fourth one due to come out soon, in April.

Hounded by Kevin Hearne  

Hounded by Kevin HearneThis is where we meet all of the fun characters. Atticus is living in Arizona, happily running an occult bookshop and hanging out with his Irish wolfhound on his days off. The fact that he shape-shifts to run alongside the dog is beside the point, to him at least.

While his customers may think this tattooed dude is only 21 years old, we soon find out he is a 21-century-old druid who draws his power from the earth and uses his sharp wits as much as his sharp magical sword Fragarach the Answerer. But it is his sword that a Celtic god has been coveting for centuries. When the god tracks Atticus down it will take the help of his lawyers, a vampire and werewolf team, a very tasty goddess of death and a Hindu-witch possessed bartender friend to help him kick some Celtic butt.

Hexed by Kevin Hearne 

Hexed by Kevin Hearne

The witches have arrived in Arizona, and they unfortunately are not the kind that Atticus cares for. In fact, these witches are downright evil, and just when he had signed a non-aggression pact with the local coven!

But he has his hands full with evil happenings at the local high school that involve a fallen angel, and worshipers of the god Bacchus who love to party just a bit too much. Not to mention a certain goddess of fire who wants his attention in the worst way! Thank goodness he has Atticus, his vampire attorney to help him out, because he is going to need all the help he can get!


Hammered by Kevin Hearne   

Hammered by Kevin HearneAtticus may have tried for the last few centuries to stay away from the guy with the lightning bolts, but when his vampire friend and lawyer Leif Helgarson comes to him for help in taking out the Norse god of Thunder, Thor, he knows he has to be there for him. This isn’t so easy since life isn’t exactly quiet in Tempe right now.

With Russian demon hunters running rampant in the streets of Tempe and a turf war brewing amongst the vampires, things are getting just a little busy for our favorite druid. Can he stay out of trouble long enough to stay alive?


Tricked by Kevin Hearne  

Tricked by Kevin HearneThis time around Atticus must pay the piper when the Norse god of thunder, Thor, comes to Tempe for some revenge (see last book for details). Well, a druid doesn’t survive this long without a few tricks up his sleeve, so he enlists the help of that great trickster, Coyote, to fool his enemy into thinking he has chopped Atticus into little pieces and left them in the desert to rot.

But one good trick deserves another and now he must help Coyote fight Skinwalkers. They are ancient shape-shifters and of course are up to no good, no good at all. Just when he thinks he has this handled, he is betrayed, and by the one he is least likely to have expected it. Who has betrayed him and even with that, can he get out of this one with his skin in one piece?

As you can see, this is a very fun series with plenty of vampire action mixed in with a great concept to embrace every kind of fantasy you can imagine. Hearne is a skilled writer with just enough tongue in cheek to keep his readers laughing while enjoying a bit of magical mayhem. Not to be missed!

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new vampire books, bloodlines, the golden lily by rachel mead, best vampire seriesIf you loved Vampire Academy, then you are probably one of those people who are breathlessly awaiting Rachel Mead’s new spin-off series – Bloodlines. The word is out about it and the second book in the series should be hitting the bookstores and websites on June 12th.  But you don’t have to wait until then, because I caught an interview with Rachel recently and can’t wait to share the cool scoops I read on the next book of the series, The Golden Lily.

Apparently there was a ton of fan reaction to the ending of the first book in the new series. When asked about the reaction, Rachel admitted to being somewhat surprised to read that fans were throwing the book across the room – in joy – at the ending of the first book in the new series. That is quite a reaction.

With Sydney (of course, since this is Sydney’s book really), Adrian, Jill and Eddie shining brightly in this series, some fans were concerned that the ever-sexy Dimitri might go missing. But have no fear, although he is cast in a much smaller role this time around, we will still get to enjoy our hot little kick ass Russian in the new series. In addition, Rachel talks about how the bond between the main characters will grow stronger into almost a feeling of family as this series progresses. And she promises lots of romance, which of course is what we wanted to know about! Sigh – how could you not get some romance going with these characters?

Now, if you are a big Rachel Mead fan, you may know this already but there is a cool app that will give you all kinds of ways to follow her books and connect with other fans. You can find out more about it in the video below:

It sounds to me like a really cool way to connect with Rachel and others who like you are enjoying her books. If anyone out there is already on the app, I would love to hear from you to find out how you like it. Sigh, not all of us have smart phones for these cool apps, so right now all I can do is write about it!

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Accidentally Married To…A Vampire? By Mimi Jean Pamfiloff, New Vampire Books, vampire books for 2012, best vampire booksTitle: Accidentally Married To…A Vampire?
Author: Mimi Jean Pamfiloff
Release: March 2, 2012
Genre: Vampire Romance

Niccolo DiConti is the kind of romantic character every girl dreams of – dark and broodingly handsome. He needs to find his true mate so he can be delivered from the bondage of the Vampire Queen. Helena Strauss is that mate, a biologist lost in the maze of Mexican jungle until she comes across Niccolo. You would think it would be easy for the two to find a way to live happily ever after, but not quite. Because Niccolo may need her as a mate, but that doesn’t mean he believes in love. And for Helen, if there is no love, then there is no mate. And that plays right into the hands of Niccolo’s enemies who are only too happy to use this against him.

Once again that mad as a mad hatter Goddess of the Underworld, Cimil is interfering with the fate of all things. She may be able to see both the future and the past, but her irrational fear of insects and sometimes inability to tell the past from the future (chatting about 21st Century TV shows to centuries-old vampires is not the brightest thing to do) does have a tendency to either make you shake your head or laugh out loud. I choose laugh out loud.

The Accidentally Married To series is at it once again with this great send-up of all things vampire. If you somehow missed out on the first book of the series, Accidentally Married to a God, you really should go back and get it while you are at it. Mimi can spin a fine and funny yarn and this series is just plain fun to read. With plenty of plot twists and lots of dark humour , we watch our romantic pair find a solution to Niccolo’s problem. Sometimes even with the help of the Goddess that has her mind in one world and her interfering hands in the other. I can guarantee you there is nothing out there quite like Accidentally Married to…A Vampire.

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Vampire Books for 2012, The Vampire Shrink by Lynda Hilburn, new vampire books, vampire romance booksTitle: The Vampire Shrink
Author: Lynda Hilburn
Release: September 2011
Pages: 400
Genre: Urban Vampire

When Kismet Knight sat down with her young patient, the psychologist was simply expecting your run of the mill teenage angst. The Goth girl was sent by her parents when she turned down a scholarship and declared she wanted to become a vampire. The problem was – she seemed to believe this was possible. And Kismet knew it wasn’t – until she meets the inhumanly beautiful stranger who convinces her otherwise, and so much more.

This may sound like every other vampire book you have read, but author Lynda Hilburn brings her background as a shrink into the book to make the assumptions of the main character all the more believable. Charming, smart and just a little too cocky, Kismet is a refreshing change from the damsel in distress shown in so many paranormal romances these days.

If you like your heroines modern and more than a little capable, and your vampires ancient, mysterious and gorgeous then you won’t be disappointed by The Vampire Shrink. A fun and entertaining read by a new author that I hope we will be seeing more of in the future.

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Vampire Book Trailers

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An interesting discussion in The Guardian from England this week about book trailers on YouTube. I have to agree that I too wonder just who it is that the publishers feel are seeing these trailers and if a video really is the best vehicle for selling books. After all, if I want to know what a book is about I have lots of book review sites like ours to go to, or I can even read an excerpt on Amazon. Here is one example:

But there is also something very alluring about many of these book trailers. I admit, there are plenty of them that are really bad, nothing more than quick shots of the author either being interviewed about the book or even reading it aloud. That is fine for fantasy authors like Neil Gaimen or Anne Rice who have an ability to pull it off – but most authors are creatures who love the solitary life. They aren’t exactly the life of the party and it shows when you see them on a video. This is a trailer that doesn’t fit that role, and I think may work because it still tells the story:

As you can see, I went to YouTube and checked out a dozen or two of the vampire-related book trailers they had up. I found a few that even appealed to me as a video and as a presentation of a story. The only thing is, would I go out and buy a book based on this? I don’t really think I would. So I am asking all of you out there- would you? Check these out, let me know what you think. And let me know if you have seen any I missed that would move you to buy. I just may post them here, with your comments about the trailer.

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The Falstaff Vampire Files by Lynne Murray, new vampire books, new vampire books in 2012, top vampire novelsTitle: The Falstaff Vampire Files
Author: Lynne Murray
Release: September 2011
Pages: 282
Genre: Urban Vampire

It starts with The Thing in the Shed – and the files we get to read in the package. Kristen Marlow is a therapist, she views herself as someone who is “sane for a living”, but things have been revealed to her that leaves her with that identity in question.

And so we begin to follow the clues left behind, the digital tape recorders, handwritten notes and typed case files. They are the remnants that reveal the chaos left behind when Kristen encounters something that in the end changes not only her own life, but the lives of those around her irrevocably.

It all centers around Hal, a somewhat mysterious but in the end selfish man whose need for power sends him and those around him into places they should never have ventured. Then there is Mina, innocent and just looking to find love. Unfortunately she finds something far darker, and far more dangerous. The twists and turns of the plot take us to unforeseen places, to organizations in the shadow and to knowledge of beings that have dwelt amongst us for centuries, unseen and unknown.

Lynne Murray does a fine job of leading us down a somewhat familiar path, the concept of the “found diary” by in the end showing us more than just notes on paper. The journey is enticing, mostly because the main characters have enough depth to them that you truly want to know what happens. Sir John Falstaff, the charming vampire that is the catalyst for the action in the story, is brought in well into the story and brings a new take on an old tale. His is the story I am most interested in, and I am hoping Murray will consider telling us more of the charming rogue. His story of how he met Shakespeare alone makes the story worth reading!

To tell too much of the story would take away from some of the charm of discovery that makes this story work so well. Suffice to say, if you are someone who likes urban vampire tales with a humorist twist, you will enjoy The Falstaff Vampire Files.

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