Paranormal Romance – The Warlock King by Heather Killough-Walden


paranormal book review, The Warlock King by Heather Killough-Walden

The third book in The Kings series.

The Warlock King by Heather Killough-Walden

Jason is The Warlock King. A user of dark magic, he is one of 13 Kings over individual tribes: Phantom, Goblin, Werewolf and others including of course Warlocks. Like the others he knows it is time for him to take a Queen, for she will fill a void in him. But Chloe, though she knows she is destined for it, fights the natural path for her as his queen. She is Akyri, a race that need the power of a Warlock to survive. It is the Warlock’s power that feeds them, and without it Chloe will eventually starve and turn to dust. But even knowing this, she runs from Jason because she will be servant to no-one, not even a king.

While Jason tries to secretly protect Chloe as he patiently waits for her return, danger looms around him. There are dark forces building who threaten not just Jason, but all 13 Kings. While this third book in Heather’s The King’ series does center on Jason and Chloe, there is plenty more happening here. Dangers hinted at in the two earlier books become much clearer in The Warlock King and Heather Killough-Walden proves once again what an amazing writer she has become.

If you have read the previous two in the series, you will need no prodding from me to pick this one up. The world-building is detailed and believable, the characters memorable and real. For anyone just learning about the series you can follow the story just fine reading The Warlock King. But I guarantee you, that once you have read even one book from The Kings series; you will be hunting down the others.

You can read The Warlock King tonight by downloading the Kindle version today or order the audio version online and get it shipped out to you pronto. Either way, The Warlock King is a great read.

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