New Vampire Books: Rachel Mead’s New Series

new vampire books, bloodlines, the golden lily by rachel mead, best vampire seriesIf you loved Vampire Academy, then you are probably one of those people who are breathlessly awaiting Rachel Mead’s new spin-off series – Bloodlines. The word is out about it and the second book in the series should be hitting the bookstores and websites on June 12th.  But you don’t have to wait until then, because I caught an interview with Rachel recently and can’t wait to share the cool scoops I read on the next book of the series, The Golden Lily.

Apparently there was a ton of fan reaction to the ending of the first book in the new series. When asked about the reaction, Rachel admitted to being somewhat surprised to read that fans were throwing the book across the room – in joy – at the ending of the first book in the new series. That is quite a reaction.

With Sydney (of course, since this is Sydney’s book really), Adrian, Jill and Eddie shining brightly in this series, some fans were concerned that the ever-sexy Dimitri might go missing. But have no fear, although he is cast in a much smaller role this time around, we will still get to enjoy our hot little kick ass Russian in the new series. In addition, Rachel talks about how the bond between the main characters will grow stronger into almost a feeling of family as this series progresses. And she promises lots of romance, which of course is what we wanted to know about! Sigh – how could you not get some romance going with these characters?

Now, if you are a big Rachel Mead fan, you may know this already but there is a cool app that will give you all kinds of ways to follow her books and connect with other fans. You can find out more about it in the video below:

It sounds to me like a really cool way to connect with Rachel and others who like you are enjoying her books. If anyone out there is already on the app, I would love to hear from you to find out how you like it. Sigh, not all of us have smart phones for these cool apps, so right now all I can do is write about it!

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