Is Sookie’s Fantasy Romance Gone in Deadlocked?

Sookie Stackhouse, Deadlocked by Charlaine harris, fantasy romanceDeadlocked by Charlaine Harris

It looks like the fantasy romance between Sookie and Erik may indeed be DOA and it seems that no one is to blame more than the old Viking for it. Sookie is wondering just what to do with a mystical object from Faierie that her grandmother left her and the political games amongst the vampires are moving the stakes even higher. So many things come to a head in this book that it may just have your head spinning. So let’s all take a deep breath and start counting the bodies.

Sookie has been struggling with her romance with Erik for some time now, and in this book several things happen that point out she may be fighting a losing battle. I may still find the cold Viking sexy in all the right ways, but he isn’t the guy you want to count on when the chips are down. He proves it here, when others around Sookie prove they can be counted on more than Erik.

There are bodies on the lawn, and power struggles in the living room. Personally, I would not want to get in between two groups of vampires fighting over territory. When Erik gets that inevitable invitation, the one that will leave Sookie alone again, it seems easy to believe that he will take whatever path will lead him to power. It is both his attraction for Sookie and the thing that in the end will betray her. Worse yet, she knows it and even acknowledges it from time to time in this issue.

Family Matters

I love that Jason is finally growing up though here. He has always had a special place in my heart, and somehow I always knew he had it in him to take responsibility. The fact that he not only takes it on but wants to do so just makes it that much better. His is a fantasy romance that finally gets its HEA.  I think it lightens Sookie’s load a bit too, to see him happy at last.

But the situation with the fae side of the family is getting out of hand. I imagine there is something in the air that makes Sookie happy to have them around, but it never seems to work out for her. This time around matters are taken out of her hands and we get to really see what the fae are up to.

Merlotte’s Bar

And Sam- what can I say about Sam? It seems the only times we see Sookie really happy is when she is working at the bar with Sam. He is the steady influence in her life, although he really needs to get some gumption, as they would say in the south. He is just too easy a pushover – but I think that may change. Now if only Sookie would just stop mooning over the vamps and notice him. There were times when I almost thought she had.

Nearing the Series End

So many good things happen in this book, and so many really painful ones. With only a few more to go before the end of the series, we can see that Charlaine is tying up some of the loose ends already. We get a glimpse of Faerie and find out just how powerful her relatives are. It is disquieting to think they could so easily leave, but we all understand better why by the end of Deadlocked.

And we also find out just how aptly titled it is, for Sookie has her heart deadlocked and she knows she must get it out of the prison it has willingly stayed in. Through it all we learn more about the political machinations of the vampires. It makes sense that creatures that live as long as they do would have this complicated and very powerful structure to their “empires”. They would also learn over time to be ruthless, for human lives are short in comparison to their own. I just wish the price was not always so high.

Chat on the Net

I know there is some bitching online about the series, how it has gone downhill, but I don’t agree. I read plenty of vampire tales, both for this site and on my own for pleasure. Charlaine still is head and shoulders above so many storytellers out there. I love that Sookie has to stop and do her laundry, bake a pie or tackle her taxes. It is what makes her human. It was great to have her taking the time to work on that tan of hers again. It is these little touches that make Sookie real to me. I am glad Charlaine has not abandoned them.

So we are heading into the home stretch here, and I am already sorry to think about saying goodbye to my Southern friends. But there are a few more adventures after this one. In the meantime, I think I may go bake me a sweet potato pie. There is a great recipe in the Sookie Stackhouse Companion I have been meaning to try!

If you are thinking this may be your next Sookie read, you can grab your own copy in either Kindle or paperback format right here. Let us know what you think!

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