Hot Adult Paranormal Romance in Summoning Shadows

Summoning Shadows by Winter Pennington, adult paranormal romanceSummoning Shadows by Winter Pennington

One of the things I enjoyed most about this great second installment in the Rosso Lussuria series was the rich settings and a new take on the vampire world which is completely and enjoyably explored. Winter’s addition to the urban fantasy world and her writing skills are evident in her description, dialogue and character.  The world building in this adult paranormal romance series is incredibly rich and the relationships between the characters are complex and ever-changing. It is truly a yummy world to delve into and explore again.

Epiphany Emerges

What have become central to the series with this second book are the role that Morina played and the development of Epiphany’s character. Epiphany may not be the “dominant” character in these relationships but in a variety of ways she is the one in control. In time she becomes the pivotal figure that the other characters are drawn to. Her realization that her ability as an empath can be so much more than she originally thought and her discovery of just what she is capable of when she wants to protect what is important to her are great revelations in the ongoing story.

We continue to see growth in not only Epiphany but also in the relationships between Iliaria, Epiphany, and Queen Renata. As they learn the boundaries of their unique relationship, there is trouble growing for the clan. It is soon obvious that there will be revenge coming soon, and from multiple sources. In time we find reveled that the plans are even larger then at first assumed and there is definitely danger for all vampires and perhaps some Dracule as well.  For if some have their way all vampires may be no longer!

A Sensual Side to Adventure

Be warned that there are plenty of wickedly sensuous and erotic scenes that add to the decadence and make this a very adult paranormal romance story. But much as I enjoyed them, what makes them work is that these are not just there for titillation. These are, in fact, integral to our understanding of Epiphany and how she relates to people and sees the world. Winter once again captivates your senses and I look forward to reading where this path takes Epiphany, the women she loves, and the clan she finally calls home.

You can get immersed in Summoning Shadows with either the paperback or Kindle versions today!

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