Fantasy Book Review: A Summoner’sTale by Victoria Danann


Fantasy book review, A Summoner’sTale by Victoria Danann

The third in the Black Swan Series.

A Summoner’sTale by Victoria Danann

This third book in the Black Swan series centers on Baka’s tale. For those who have been following the series since the release of My Familiar Stranger, all the threads of the lover’s tale come together in this book. The series, in particular the book A Summoner’s Tale all have wonderful romance, of course plenty of adventure and most of all great characters. It is probably the characters of the Black Swan that make the series so enjoyable.

For anyone who has yet to read this series, Black Swan is a group dedicated to protecting humanity from the scourge of vampires. There is plenty of action and adventure in the series, but it truly shines in its stories of the relationships that are formed. Love is always in the driver’s seat and the journey is what the story is all about.

If you love a fantasy series with great characters, funny elements and serious drama, then I would suggest downloading your free copy of the first book in the series My Familiar Stranger. Once introduced you will jump at the chance to read more about Baka, Elora, Ram, Storm, Lithie and with A Summoner’s Tale the delicious Heaven.

You can get your copy of A Summoner’s Tale in both Kindle and paperback formats.

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