Best Vampire Novels: Mercy: The Last New England Vampire

best vampire novels, Mercy  The Last New England Vampire by Sarah L. Thompson, best YA vampire storiesTitle: Mercy: The Last New England Vampire
Author: Sarah L. Thompson
Release: September 2011
Pages: 180
Genre: YA Vampire

When 14 year old Haley Brown is given a school assignment to do some research on one of her ancestors, she chooses Mercy Brown. She wants to know more about the girl who died at the age of 19 and begins to investigate. But things look odd to her, first the girl’s mother died, then her brother and after Mercy died her brother sickened with the same consumption that killed the others.

As she reads further, strange things begin to happen around Haley, such as the sound of a beating heart that comes from nowhere. Could the ghost of the girl want revenge for having her body exhumed by her father and her heart removed and burned because he thought she was a vampire?

This is a very different kind of vampire tale, and a perfect goose-bump late night tale for any teen. Haley is in the midst of difficult times in her own life as her parents are split and she feels left out as her father and step-mom focus their attention on her 2-year old half brother Eddie.

Sarah Thompson does a fine job of making Haley’s problems feel real, and since the story is based on an actual event of a vampire accusation, it is only creepier to read and realize someone actually went through some of this. Mercy: The Last New England Vampire is a wonderful example of how to do great storytelling in a slim package.

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