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The Vampire Diaries, best vampire television show, best vampire tv show, love you to death by crissy calhounTitle: Love You to Death: The Unofficial Companion to the Vampire Diaries
Author: Crissy Calhoun
Release: September 2010
Pages: 240

If you watch Vampire Diaries, then you know what a great show it is. It is so much more than just another Gothic retelling of vampires, and because it is there is so much more to it then what you see on the surface of the show.

This unofficial companion to the series will give you more insight into the characters, the background on the development of the original book series as well as on the author L.J. Smith and why she decided to write The Vampire Diaries. It is also packed with info on all the actors in the series, explorations of the different themes in the first season and of course episode by episode discussions.

In Love You to Death you will also get a look at the thinking behind the adaptation of the books into the show with great in-depth interviews with show creators Kevin Williamson and Julie Plec. There is even a section where they interview some of the biggest fans and bloggers of the show, and of course plenty of great photos.

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