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Anne Rice, Vampire book author, Interview with a Vampire, True Blood fanIf you follow the various chat sites, The Daily Beast is one of the more intelligent ones. They recently had a talk with Vampire author (and one of my personal faves) Anne Rice. We have talked before about the comments that were flying around the web in the last month or so between her and Stephanie Meyer regarding the depiction of vampires. This interview did touch on that subject, but also on Rice’s latest project, a werewolf book and possibly television show and even a science fiction book beyond that.

I found it interesting that she was willing to talk about the “feud” which in reality was more between the fans of the two authors than between the authors. Rice is an old hand at dealing with publicity of all kinds, and I am sure has years of defending her depiction of vampires to the press. Her discussion of how she came to write Interviews with a Vampire and what she feels that depiction of vampires is really about, the depiction of the outsider in our society, is what I really felt a connection to.

The interview also talked a bit about True Blood, she is a fan of the show, and how she sees Charlaine Harris taking the vampires into new directions that she can follow, even if that wasn’t what she wanted to write. All in all, it was a refreshing talk with a woman that is truly the Queen of the Vampires. I am looking forward to reading The Wolf Gift and reviewing it here soon.

In the meantime, here is the link to the interview on The Daily Beast.

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Claimed by Rebecca ZanettiTitle: Claimed
Author: Rebecca Zanetti
Release: November 1, 2011
Pages: 330
Genre: Vampire Romance

One of the latest in a series of vampire romance books by the unstoppable Rebecca Zanetti , Claimed continues the saga where Fated left off. In this installment we follow Emma and her growing need to make a decision about Dage. The fact that Dage is the King of the Vampire Realm and that he considers Emma the mate he is meant to have is just the start. But it is a heck of a start, because although Emma may be smart and pretty sure of herself, she can’t help noticing that when Dage is around she has trouble breathing, let alone thinking.

But she needs to be thinking because there is a virus loose that infects all mates of the Vampire clan, and that includes her sister Cara who is infected. Emma is a scientist though, and she knows that if she just puts her mind to it she can find the cause of the infection and cure it. And she needs to, because Dage is determined to make her his mate, which means that she will be at the mercy of the mysterious virus as well.

As if that isn’t enough to deal with, the Kurjans continue to be a dangerous foe. Their intentions to kidnap any human women that show special talents, like those that Emma has, make them a group that Dage and his brothers must watch for continuously. The cat sifters are not a clan to take lightly.

But the real question is if Emma will succumb to what her body so obviously craves, and that is to be the mate of Dage. She is an independent modern woman, not someone given to just following the dictates of the kind of man Dage can be. But it is almost impossible to ignore these cravings, and still focus on the problem before her. Can she do both? In this new addition to the list of top vampire novels, you will have to read Claimed to find out, and be prepared to find enough sizzle to keep you up nights turning pages to learn more.

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Vampire Diaries, Torrey DeVitto, Paul Wesley, Vampire television showPaul Wesley may be able to hitch a ride with his wife when he heads into work on Vampire Diaries soon as his wife Torry DeVitto will be having a recurring role in the show. Wesley, who stars in Vampire Diaries for the CW married DeVitto this past spring, but they had both been quite busy in their respective shows and had not mentioned the possibility of working together on Vampire Diaries.

DeVitto, who is perhaps better known for her role on Pretty Little Liars than for being on a vampire television show, will be appearing in two episodes so far of the show, numbers 310 and 311 and there are rumors that the role could continue from there.

She will be playing the role of Mary, a young doctor who has become curious about the ability of Alaric, played by Matt Davis, to continuously recover much too quickly from his wounds that she witnesses. The vampire drama that runs on the CW will be creating the character of Mary as a doctor who is perhaps a little too smart and starts to ask questions.

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If you were to wander into your favorite bookstore these days, you would probably hear plenty of conversations about Twilight and Harry Potter, two young adult books that are still pretty much flying off the shelves at most bookstores both brick and mortar and those online these days. What may be more surprising is that it is not just kids who are doing the talking.

Many staff members at these stores are reporting a larger number of adults are gravitating towards the YA section of the store or asking for books by Stephanie Meyer and other Young Adult vampire books these days. As a result, many bookstores have started to move the teen vampire books section from the back of the store to the front, and even display teen vampire books like Twilight right next to the latest adult thrillers.

And if you need numbers to back this up consider this: the latest Jonathan Franzen novel “Freedom” sold over 600,000 copies since its release this past August. Meanwhile, the third installment of the YA series “Hunger Games” that came out the same month just hit 1.3 million copies.

So hang on to those top vampire books gals, because with Twilight’s last installment of the film franchise still to come, we predict that the YA paranormal genre is just going to get bigger. Many saw Harry Potter as an exception to the rule, but Twilight is beginning to show that perhaps the market for simply told stories of supernatural romance and many of the top vampire books are just what we need today.

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Vampires Dead Ahead by Cheyenne McCrayTitle: Vampires Dead Ahead: A Night Tracker Novel
Author: Cheyenne McCray
Release: November 29, 2011
Pages: 352
Genre: Urban Vampire

If you love the Night Tracker series then you will be thrilled to see that Cheyenne McCray is back and up to her old tricks with one of her best vampire novels yet, Vampires Dead Ahead. The vampires are back, and this time they have come to old New York to make a brand new start. But Nyx and her band of Trackers are not about to let them have their way. She has vowed to make the streets of New York safe for everyone, especially those of the warm blooded persuasion and she will do it any way she can. There is just no room for tolerance any more. And while the streets may be much safer, the country is not. Across the nation vampire attacks have been increasing and what is worse, Proctors are getting the brunt of it.

When she hears the worse news of all, that New York’s once-Master Vampire Volod is back, she knows there is trouble brewing. Nyx knows she has a good reason to be worried, and she is. She worries about her city and of course she worries about her job. But most of all she worries about Rodán, a Proctor who was once her lover and is now amongst the missing. And then there are those rumors about Volod  – that he is taking paranormals captive and “turning” them. But why? And to make matters worse, some of the newly turned vamps are old friends of hers…

McCray returns with the latest Night Tracker tale of vampires Vampires Dead Ahead and more to once again bring us a vampire novel well worth waiting for.

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Flesh and Blood by Kristen Painter           Title: Flesh and Blood
Author: Kristen Painter
Release: November 01, 2011
Pages: 432
Genre: Paranormal Romance

We return to the world of The Covenant and the other-naturals in this second vampire book to the House of Comarré series. Once again we join Mal and Chrysabelle in their search for the missing ring of sorrows. Chrysabelle continues to try and find a way to lift the curse that surrounds Mal while struggling with the knowledge that whatever separated humans and the other-naturals is now gone forever.

War hovers on the horizon and Chrysabelle knows deep within her that she must return to the hidden vampire city of Corvinestri if she is to pay back the debt she owes Mal. But she knows that to do so is dangerous, more than dangerous and not just for her but for Mal as well.

When the Kubai Mata bring in their own to find the ring of sorrows, in the person of Creek who is someone none of them could have foretold, the three must join forces. It is a partnership sown in hell and complicated by Chrysabell’s thirst for revenge against Tatianna, the one person responsible for the death of her mother.

Where this will lead them and how the ring of sorrows can be found is a path you will need to follow with the three as their unholy alliance brings them up against shape-shifters, vampires and a host of fey and fringe beings unimaginable to anyone but an artist like Kristen Painter. In Flesh and Blood is a seductive vampire story where we continue the adventure through worlds unimagined and yet strangely familiar.

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Drink, Slay, Love by Sarah Beth DurstTitle: Drink, Slay, Love
Author: Sarah Beth Durst
Release: September 13 2011
Pages: 400
Genre: Supernatural Humour

Okay- if you have got even one funny bone in your body, you are gonna love this book. It has the most fun with the concept of vampires that I have read in a long time. It doesn’t matter if you love vampires or are sick to death of them, you will laugh until it hurts in a good way when you read this.

Pearl is just your average sixteen year old vampire girl. Hates sun, loves night and drinks blood. And one day while out having a “snack” at the Dairy Hut she gets stabbed by a unicorn. That twinkles, at that! Suddenly she finds she can walk around in the sunshine and her family decides that this is the perfect time to send her off to high school. You see, the King of New England is coming to visit and they need lots of young bodies for the feast. So it is off the high school to make friends and bring them home to get munched. At least that is the plan.

But one of the side effects of unicorn stabbing is you develop a conscience. And then there is the delightful Evan, that as Pearl says, makes her fangs tingle. Just what to do with all of this now? You are going to love this fun look at love and vampires, teenage style. At the same time, the story does touch on the nature of change, especially for young women. There are so many levels to this book, I don’t really want to go into all of them, but you can decide for yourself when you read it just how much is fun lark on the vampire craze and how much Drink, Slay Love is a great YA story about life, love and the changes that come with it at that amazing time in your life.

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Darkest at Dawn by Christine FeehanTitle: Darkest at Dawn
Author: Christine Feehan
Release: November 1 2011
Pages: 464
Genre: Supernatural Horror

Before I start I want to make one thing very clear – this is a collection of two stories that are reprints from earlier novellas. This is not new material. Okay- got that out of the way. For anyone who follows vampire material, Christine Feehan is one of the shining stars of the new genre of vampire books. Both her Dark Series and her Carpathian Series have been well received and are pretty much part of vampire lore these days.

The world of Capathians is a dark one indeed and these two stories give us all one more chance to delve into them. Dark Secret is a classic tale of hunter and hunted, with the vampire hunter hot on the trail of a human female. Rafael is a true De La Cruz, cold and driven and determined to possess Colby Jansen. The ages of fighting the battle against vampires has left him drained, until Colby. Now he knows he cannot be denied.

The other story here is Dark Hunger, which first came out in her anthology book Hot Blooded. It was re-imagined as a manga-style graphic novel and so this is the third time around for this hot blooded story. A Carpathian has been captured and held prisoner in a remote jungle with no way to warn his kindred of the trap. Frustrated, left to die, he is rescued by Juliette and must use her gift of blood if he is to survive. A short tale to introduce us all to the South American world of the Jaguar people and remind us just how good a paranormal romance storyteller Christine Feehan is. As does all of Darkest at Dawn.

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