Anne Rice and The Daily Beast Have a Chat

Anne Rice, Vampire book author, Interview with a Vampire, True Blood fanIf you follow the various chat sites, The Daily Beast is one of the more intelligent ones. They recently had a talk with Vampire author (and one of my personal faves) Anne Rice. We have talked before about the comments that were flying around the web in the last month or so between her and Stephanie Meyer regarding the depiction of vampires. This interview did touch on that subject, but also on Rice’s latest project, a werewolf book and possibly television show and even a science fiction book beyond that.

I found it interesting that she was willing to talk about the “feud” which in reality was more between the fans of the two authors than between the authors. Rice is an old hand at dealing with publicity of all kinds, and I am sure has years of defending her depiction of vampires to the press. Her discussion of how she came to write Interviews with a Vampire and what she feels that depiction of vampires is really about, the depiction of the outsider in our society, is what I really felt a connection to.

The interview also talked a bit about True Blood, she is a fan of the show, and how she sees Charlaine Harris taking the vampires into new directions that she can follow, even if that wasn’t what she wanted to write. All in all, it was a refreshing talk with a woman that is truly the Queen of the Vampires. I am looking forward to reading The Wolf Gift and reviewing it here soon.

In the meantime, here is the link to the interview on The Daily Beast.

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