A Powerful Paranormal Romance in Shadow’s Claim by Kresley Cole

Shadow's Claim by Kresley ColeShadow’s Claim by Kresley Cole

He is a prince and a deadly assassin. She is the ward of his greatest enemy. In a sweeping new series from the creator of the Immortals After Dark series, we enter the hidden world of a dangerous vampire society.

Trehan Daciano has served his people well. Any threat that shows up to them, he has dispatched. A shadow in the night, and danger to anyone who would threaten his people, he has never before been faced with being denied that which he desires. And the moment he laid eyes on Bettina, he knew he wanted her and had to have her no matter what the cost.

But Bettina was bound to another. Worse yet, her heart has already been given. Determined to prove to her Guardians that she is once again worthy, she agrees to accept the suitor who prevails in a competition. How was she to know that one of the competitors would haunt her dreams?

But even with the competition won, the dark prince cannot claim her if she is not willing. His code of honor will not let him claim his bride until he has claimed her heart. The lonely years make him impatient. He longs for release. When it finally comes will she soar with him?

A New Vampire Romance Series

If you like your heroes tall, dark, brooding and clever – then you just may be the perfect audience for this new series from acclaimed fantasy author Kresley Cole. Yes, it is a bit formulaic. But then what romance fantasy isn’t, when you get right down to it. But here, we finally get the chance to learn more about the vampires thought to be only legend within the Immortals After Dark series.

If you have been waiting for a story that tells the tale of the mysterious Dacia, this is a great place to start. Cole says it is just the beginning of a series that she has been longing to write. You know the dark prince will get his woman, the fun will be watching it happen.

Why wait? You can download the kindle version and be reading it tonight or order the paperback from our buds at Amazon.

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